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The August Fair or, simply, Feria de Málaga, is undoubtedly the most important bullfighting event of the year in Malaga.

The Malaga Fair has its origins in 1487, when on August 19 the Catholic Monarchs took the city and incorporated it into the Crown of Castile. It was then agreed to commemorate the date on an annual basis, and thus, from the year 1491 popular festivities were established on those dates.  That year a procession was held in which the royal standard with which Malaga was won was carried from the Cathedral to the church of Santiago, and a bullfight was held. From the 17th century onwards, rockets and fireworks displays began to be used.

And they come to our days as the great festival of the summer on the Costa del Sol. They begin with the proclamation and fireworks.  During the pilgrimage, horsemen, carriages and locals accompany the standard bearer of the fair to the Santuario de la Victoria. The city is filled with booths, lanterns, flowers, parades, musical shows with flamenco and copla as the main protagonists.

It can be said that in the center there is a daytime Fair, and in the Cortijo de Torres, which is the fairgrounds, a nighttime Fair, although it maintains activities throughout the day.

The bullfighting fair is one of the most important and the main bullfighters perform in it.


Corrida Picassiana

Holy Week is one of the events of the year in Malaga. Declared of International Tourist Interest on February 16, 1980, this religious, social and cultural event is one of the main attractions of a city.

This year it will be celebrated twice, since it is 15 years since the first Corrida Picassiana and the company Lances de Futuro has organized for next March 30 the Great bullfighting event of the Holy Week.

Three events in one. A magnificent bullfighting poster formed by the star figures of the moment Cayetano, Emilio de Justo and the Sevillian Pablo Aguado with the cattle of the iron El Vellosino.

In the bullfight an unusual event will take place, for the first time we will be able to listen to the premiere of Picasso’s Opera as background music and the bullfighters will wear their costumes decorated and painted in the Picasso style as we are used to seeing in previous series, the entire bullring is decorated for this magical event in which boards, burladeros and tendidos are decorated and painted for this celebration. Spectacle and environment will form a true Picasso’s painting.

Every year this bullfight has more and more relevance, it attracts locals and tourists from all over, it is a real wonder. Tickets sell out quickly, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you don’t want to miss the most awaited event of Easter, buy your tickets as early as possible.

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Pedro Sandoval, a world-renowned artist. Venezuelan by birth, but based in Madrid, he is one of the most important artists in abstract neo-expressionism.

Pedro Sandoval’s presentation consists of a total of four pieces: an original painting (oil on canvas), a poster adapted from this painting (also oil on canvas), an exclusive engraving and an NFT. With regard to the latter, it should be noted that Sandoval is one of the pioneers of digital art and this work is the most extensive to date using this technology on the figure of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Sandoval has also announced that on the day of the bullfight in La Malagueta, the first opera composed on the life of the brilliant artist from Malaga will be presented.

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