Everything you need to know to enjoy the Feria de Málaga and its bullfighting fair.

The Malaga Fair is the main festival of the Andalusian city, considered the most important summer fair in Andalusia, which in recent years has gained great prominence and has become a tourist attraction for people from all over the world.

The most awaited moment of the year by the people of Malaga, the city of Malaga in fair dresses up to live a very intense week in which there is a simply spectacular festive atmosphere, which makes it the best time to visit the capital of the Costa del Sol.

The Malaga Fair is held every year in the month of August, in a month when good weather is guaranteed, which makes it an even more special festival, where music, color and fun are guaranteed.

And, of course, bullfighting in La Malagueta is another hallmark of the Feria de Agosto, when the bullring welcomes the leading figures of bullfighting, with a spectacular line-up consisting of novilladas, bullfights and bullfights of rejones.

If you would like to live it and enjoy it, you have come to the right place, because in Servitoro we tell you everything you need to know to make the most of the Malaga fair. It will be an experience you will not forget.

Feria de Málaga
Girls dressed in flamenco - Feria de Málaga

What is the Malaga Fair?

The August Fair of Malaga is celebrated to commemorate the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs in the city, which took place on August 19, 1487, incorporating the city to the Crown of Castile.

With an ancestral origin, it was declared a “popular festival” on August 15, 1491, more than 500 years ago, and since then, it has become one of the most important festivals not only in Andalusia, but throughout Spain that, due to the open character of the people of Malaga, is characterized by being a cosmopolitan and accessible to all people. The only thing you need is the desire to have a good time.

The Malaga Fair lasts 8 days and, although it is true that the whole city dresses up and in any street you can live the festive atmosphere, the meeting place is the Real de la Feria, where the Night Fair is held, through its many booths in which there are plenty of activities for all ages, at any time of day.

Likewise, the bullring of Malaga is one of the most interesting places of the Fair, where four bullfights are held on foot, one of bullfighting and a bullfight with bullfighters. Tradition says that if you go to the Feria, at least one day you have to go to the bullfights in La Malagueta.

fuegos artificiales en la feria de malaga
Fireworks at the Malaga Fair in August

When is the Malaga Fair 2024?

The Malaga Fair 2024 will be held from Saturday August 17 to Saturday 24, although it will be inaugurated on Friday 16 at midnight with a fireworks display.

On Saturday 17 will take place the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Victoria, which is one of the most important and emotional moments of the fair, which serves to inaugurate the Day Fair in the city center. In the evening there is a proclamation, which is the prelude to the “alumbrao” of the Real Cortijo de Torres.

At the fair there is a party all day long, in the morning, in the afternoon and, of course, at night, so any time will be good to go out and let yourself be carried away by the fun, music and dancing that flood the city for eight days.

Where is the Malaga Fair? How to get there?

The first thing you should know is that the August Fair is celebrated in two different places, depending on whether it is the Day Fair or the Night Fair.

The Day Fair is held in the streets of the historic center of Malaga, which concentrates most of the events that take place at the fair, and is where you can experience the authentic festive atmosphere. It starts at 12:00 noon and is much more accessible, since being held in the center, you can get there in a much easier way either walking or by public transport, having an endless number of buses that will take you to the surroundings of the festival.

While the Night Fair takes place in the Real del Cortijo de Torres, which is a simply spectacular fairground, with more than 200 booths where music and dancing are the main protagonists. It is far from the center, but you can easily get there by bus from anywhere in Malaga, as there are multiple special bus lines.

If you want to live the party to the fullest, our advice is to go to the Day Fair to have an appetizer based on fried fish and Cartojal, the drink par excellence of the fair.

Then, after resting for a while, continue the day going to La Malagueta to enjoy the bullfighting in Malaga, where you can enjoy a unique bullfighting atmosphere.

And it ends at the Night Fair, where you can dine and dance until the wee hours of the morning.

Feria taurina Málaga Agosto
La Malagueta Bullring - Bullfighting Fair of August

The Bullfighting Fair of Malaga in August

A city with a great bullfighting tradition, the Malaga Bullfighting Fair in August is one of the most awaited moments by bullfighting lovers from all over Spain, standing out as one of the most important summer fairs, where the most important bullfighters of the moment gather.

Of course, the bullfighting fair takes place in the first class bullring of La Malagueta, which is located very close to the center of the city, in the neighborhood of La Malagueta, which gives its name to the square.

Although the poster of the Feria de Málaga is not yet known, the bullfighting fair will take place between August 16 and 24, and during these 9 days there will be four bullfights on foot, a bullfight with bullfighters, a bullfight with bullfighters and four practical classes.

The celebrations of the bullfighting fair of Malaga begin at 19:30 on time, so it is important that you go well in advance to the square, since given the crowds and the large influx that has the fair, if you leave with just enough time, it is very likely that you would arrive with the bullfight started.

Buy tickets for bullfighting in Malaga

Coinciding with the biggest festival of the city, the bullring of La Malagueta always hangs the no tickets available sign, so if you do not want to stay without enjoying the bulls in Malaga, it is important to be proactive and get your tickets as far in advance as possible, since they sell out quickly.

Aware of this, in Servitoro we give you the opportunity to buy your tickets for the bulls in Malaga in advance and online, from anywhere and without having to travel. In this way, you can ensure your presence in one of the most important bullrings, forgetting to wait in long lines.


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